Book Reviews


Book reviews can be of a single book or several books that are tied together by a common theme (e.g., four different books on the topic of terrorism).  Book reviews should not exceed five (5) double spaced 8.5 by 11 pages using standard margins.  Book reviews are not peer reviewed and are published at the discretion of the editor.


Book reviews should provide thoughtful analyses of the importance, utility, and/or meaning of a single book or several books to the development of the international fire service.  In other words, the review should not focus on the merits and demerits of the book itself, but rather should focus on the nexus between the message of the book(s) and the development of fire leadership and management. Book reviews focusing on leadership and management issues, topics, themes, etc. are preferred.  


Please submit your book review in Microsoft Word format using the APA style electronically to bob.england@okstate.eduPlease DO NOT send hard copies; we have moved to a “green” review process.