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Fire Service Women of Vision and Leadership

Written as a tribute by Chief Dennis Compton, Fire Service Women of Vision and Leadership features profiles of outstanding women in the fire services industry. This resource is intended to commemorate and celebrate the vital roles and achievements of women in both the fire service and American history. The book also serves as a tool to encourage women to pursue fire service careers and related leadership positions in the future.

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Chief Dennis Compton April 2021

Chief Dennis Compton

Featured Article:

Environmental Impact of Fires in the Built Environment – Emission Factors – April 2022

Conducted By: Fire Protection Research Foundation – an affiliate of NFPA

Final Report By: Margaret McNamee and Joakim Astrom, Division of Fire Safety Engineering, Lund University, Sweden; Benjamin Truchot and Guy Marlair, INERIS, France; and Brian Meacham, Meacham Associates, USA.

Current efforts to improve the sustainability of buildings focus on increasing energy efficiency and reducing the embodied carbon. Most fires occurring in the build environment contribute to air contamination from the fire plume (whose deposition is likely to subsequently include land and water contamination), contamination from water runoff containing toxic products, and other environmental discharges or releases from burned materials. The environmental impact also has economic consequences for communities and regions. As a start to calculate the true cost of fire to society, the Fire Protection Foundation undertook this study that developed a research road map identifying needed research to be able to quantify the environmental impact of fire from the built environment and its economic consequences.

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IFSJLM Journal

IFSJLM Journal
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