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2018 NFFF Fire Service Health & Safety Report recently published as a Supplement by Firehouse

The 2018 edition of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) Health & Safety Report focuses on a broad range of subjects and issues impacting the fire service today. It includes sections highlighting the overall wellness program developed by the Philadelphia Fire Department, as well as other “ Making a Difference ” segments from both the career and volunteer perspectives. This report also addresses improving human performance with the introduction of a new concept for the fire service — human performance optimization — as well as sections covering firefighter/fire officer development and the First Responder Center for Excellence (FRCE). Also emphasized are Fire and Life Safety Initiatives 2 (Accountability), 8 (Technology), 11 (Response Policies) and 13 (Behavioral Health). Each of these sections provide new information covering work the NFFF is doing to promote these efforts. The report also includes a feature addressing wildland firefighting.

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IFSJLM Journal

IFSJLM Journal
International Fire Service Journal of Leadership And Management

The special "Highlights" 10th Volume of the International Fire Service Journal of Leadership and Management is now available. Subscribe and receive the annual volume of the IFSJLM.

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