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Fire Service Women of Vision and Leadership

Written as a tribute by Chief Dennis Compton, Fire Service Women of Vision and Leadership features profiles of outstanding women in the fire services industry. This resource is intended to commemorate and celebrate the vital roles and achievements of women in both the fire service and American history. The book also serves as a tool to encourage women to pursue fire service careers and related leadership positions in the future.

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Chief Dennis Compton April 2021









Chief Dennis Compton

Featured Article:

Report: Research Foundation Review of the Impact of Medications on Older Adult Fall and Fire Risk©

Report Sponsored by NFPA.

Report Authored By: Jamie L. McAllister, P.E., Ph.D. – Margaret Maglione, M.P.P. – Brendan McCarrick, P.E. – Zelda Q. Zhao – FireTox, LLC – New Market, MD

Fifty-two million Americans aged 65 or older make up 16% of the total US population, yet this age bracket experiences disproportionate injuries and deaths from fire and falls. Falls are the leading cause of death from unintentional injuries for older adults. The risk factors associated with aging populations are similar for fires and falls, making it critical to educate older adults on adopting prevention and response behaviors. The goal of this project is to identify the relationship between medication use and fall/fire risk of older adults and generalize findings to inform message development, thus enhancing overall safety.

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IFSJLM Journal

IFSJLM Journal
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